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New NOSKE-KAESER company awarded major order from Australian Navy

By 2021, eight frigates from the Royal Australian Navy will be equipped with innovative NOSKE-KAESER technologies.

ANZAC HMAS (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Hamburg/Sydney, 8th November 2016.

Founded about a year ago, NOSKE-KAESER Marine Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of NOSKE-KAESER GmbH, the maritime technology company with operations worldwide, has secured an order to modernise the air-conditioning and cooling systems on eight frigates belonging to the Royal Australian Navy. NOSKE-KAESER will be carrying out a comprehensive overhaul of the air-conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems on the Australian Navy ships and replacing, upgrading and making them more efficient with modern systems. Two ships of identical design belonging to the Royal New Zealand Navy were modernised to the same extent by NOSKE-KAESER back in 2011.

Upgrading the air-conditioning and ventilation systems as well as the engine room ventilation systems on the eight frigates are part of the company’s scope of services. “In future, the ships should be able to operate under severe climatic conditions. Amongst other things, this will be required to support operations in and around Australia as well as wider global operations”, says Joachim Bunnies, NOSKE-KAESER Head of Sales. In future the engine rooms will also have to be optimally cooled to ensure safe operation of the systems and proper manoeuvrability of the ships, even at an outside temperature of 40 °C and sea temperatures of 36 °C.

Upgrading the air-conditioning system will require greater cooling capacities. The existing chillers will be replaced by new NOSKE-KAESER chillers. “Along with our individually designed, shock and vibration-proof systems we will also be increasing chiller cooling capacity to 1,100 kW", Bunnies continues.

The scope of NOSKE-KAESER’s order also includes retrofitting 15 air recirculation cooling units to environmentally-friendly cold water cooling and increasing performance of the food storage refrigeration systems.

“We look forward to continuing our many years of good cooperation with the Australian Navy", says Bunnies. “What is being sought after are NOSKE-KAESER’s tailor-made, state-of-the-art technologies and the comprehensive know-how of our experts in retrofitting and local content. We will again do everything to live up to the trust placed in us by the Australian Navy.”

NOSKE-KAESER is known worldwide as the expert to turn to for innovative air conditioning/ventilation, CBRN protection, refrigeration and fire protection solutions in use on submarines and surface vessels. Since the 1960s the German Navy has relied almost exclusively on the long-established company’s technologies and its many years of expertise.



For more than 135 years NOSKE-KAESER has designed and provided system solutions and components in the fields of air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, piping, fire fighting as well as CBRN protection. Naval and merchant vessels, cruise liners and ferries as well as yachts and offshore platforms worldwide are equipped with NOSKE-KAESER technology. The company operates a global service network for its customers and offers sales support in numerous countries all over the world. NOSKE-KAESER currently employs a staff of 150 experts at its headquarters in Hamburg and offices in Australia, Dubai, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and Turkey.

For more information visit www.noske-kaeser.com

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